Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is good for people of all ages. As adults, we have can have many current physical and emotional stressors, as well as life long issues that have not been addressed. BCST is an effective modality for exploring and resolving issues of the past, including prenatal and birth trauma. Early trauma can create an unconscious belief system that is not relevant in the adult. BCST allows the acknowledgement of our long held beliefs and shifting to real or appropriate beliefs.

Many of us have experienced a head or tailbone injury, accidents, minor or major surgeries, and dental work, to name a few.  Life experiences can create emotional trauma, physical strains and anesthesia residues. The biodynamic approach strengthens the whole system, creating a safe environment for the body to gain new perspectives, and a healthy resolution of issues. We now know that we can re-pattern old imprints and shift our relationships with past trauma. 

The therapy may surprise you with benefits you hadn’t known were possible, including resolution of symptoms that you had no idea were related to the cranial system or to each other. You may feel lighter, with a sense of more spaciousness within yourself. You may notice more ease in relationships or ability to focus.

You may stand straighter or breathe more easily and deeply. Pains may decrease and emotional boundaries may be easier to maintain. It is likely that you will feel deeply relaxed and centered. Because each person is unique, it is impossible for us to say exactly what benefit you will feel, or how long it will take you to feel it, but the above benefits are quite common.


Craniosacral therapy is particularly suited to older adults because it applies very little pressure and allows clients to remain clothed, avoiding the physical and social challenges associated with undressing. Many seniors suffer from chronic pain caused by the natural aging process, as well as from side effects of medications. They may also experience depression and anxiety as their world becomes more difficult to navigate both physically and emotionally. BCST can support the elderly by helping to boost the potency in the craniosacral fluids which bath the brain and nervous system as well as the area around and between achy joints.


Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can help to address and support the following conditions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Achy joints
  • Headaches
  • Sleep issues
  • Emotional difficulties 
  • Poor coordination

Please download, print and complete an intake form to bring to your first appointment.

The results I have experienced from sessions with Jackie have been a true blessing to me. After years of cognitive therapy, I am thrilled to find relief from my anxiety. The work we have done to address my anxiety and past traumas has freed my mind from dwelling on the past, and has allowed my body to not go into fight or flight mode every time I do think of the difficult times. I have also become more aware of how my nervous system works, and which parts of my body are affected by my anxiety. This knowledge allows me to not fear the physiological symptoms of my anxiety and offers the opportunity to be present in my body to release the tension. Jackie is a calming gentle presence who truly cares about her work and I’m grateful to be able to work with her.
— Christine Charlottesville, VA

Jackie is a very skilled and gentle craniosacral therapist. It’s a wonderful modality if you haven’t tried it yet. I have collaborated with her with clients, referred family members to her and benefited from her competent touch myself in a group supervision setting. She is easy to work with, listens well to her clients, and they find her to be very helpful and supportive. I highly and regularly recommend Jackie.
— Kris SantaMaria, LCSW