Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Jackie Emm, MPH, RCST®, has been practicing biodynamic craniosacral therapy for over 10 years. She uses a combination of craniosacral therapy, vagus system regulation, and pre and perinatal psychology to help integrate trauma and restore balance to the whole system. She has assisted infants, children, and adults with a range of physical and emotional issues. Jackie uses compassionate listening skills and gentle inquiry to meet clients where they are in their healing journey.

I enjoy Jackie’s gentle, supportive and deep work. I can go into a profoundly relaxed healing place within my mind and body when she works on me. As a trauma therapist, I find Jackie’s work to be a great adjunct support for certain clients as they proceed through their own healing. I find Jackie’s style and her loving, friendly presence to be inviting and calming, and her office is pleasant and peaceful as well.
— Jessica Eure, LPC, BCN
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